Welcome to Warpainter40k, a blog about painting and war(hammer)

Greetings mortal, this is my warhammer painting blog where I will upload photos of my different creations. I may also write some guides if I happen to do anything that I feel will be interesting enough for anyone to read. Please select the army of your choice in the below menu if you want to look at images, or select blog in the above menu if you want to read my random ramblings.

The updating frequency will differ depending on how much time the parallel universe know as "real life" demands of me. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Dark Eldar

Dry-brushed dark eldar in light blue with red highlights


White and blue/gray tau

Imperial Guard

Green and light-brown imperial guard

Emperors children

Pre-heresy emperors children in purple and gold


Greeen Orks, Wat did U expekt?

Grey knights

Grey knights in silver


Fantasy dwarfs in blue and gold

High elves

Dark green high elves