Age of Sigmar – Khorne

The release of the Age of Sigmar-edition of Warhammer have been gotten mixed receptions, I remain carefully hopeful for now.  But one good thing with releases like this is new models. Last weekend me and a friend got the starter-kit, he grabbed the Sigmarines and I got left with Khorne.

At first I felt like I got the bad part of the deal but I decided to make the best of it and try something I have always wanted to try with chaos. Lots of fire and OSL (Object source lighting).

Here is one of the first models after a few tries:

age of sigmar khorne blood warrior osl

I felt rather pleased with these so I went on,

The recipe:

  1. Base black
  2. Drybrush with “mephiston red” for cloth, “Balthasar gold” on metal and a mix of “administratum gray” and “kislev flesh” for skin
  3. Fill in small details with red, bone, metal etc
  4. Cover everything with “Nuln oil”
  5. Paint the source of the fires with “flash gitz yellow”
  6. Slowly drybrush the glow with “flash gitz yellow”, “troll slayer orange”, “wild rider red” and finally add some “bloodletter” glaze on the edges on the fire sources

Here are the rest of the Blood warriors:

age of sigmar khorne blood warriors object source lighting

While I was doing these I also did the bloodreavers with more or less the same method. These were a bit more “assembly line” and a did a bunch at the time. Here is the “command squad”

age of sigmar khorne reavers command squad

The regular troops painting method was now standardized and it was time to try something more complex, Here is the first character, the Bloodstoker (or whip-guy)

age of sigmar khorne bloodstoker

And the Khorgorath:

age of sigmar khorne Khorgorath

Here is a shot of all the bloodreavers together:

age of sigmar khorne blood reavers

Lastly the commander and standard bearer:

age of sigmar khorne commanders osl

Ok, the set is complete, but GW are producing some excellent models with the Khorne Bloodbound line, so I had to do one more; the exalted deathbringer:

age of sigmar exalted deathbringer done with object source lighting

Everybody is painting slaughterpriests since the giveaway in the White Dwarf magazine, but I got mine from the Bloodbound Getting started kit. Anyways… here it is, same style as the rest:

khorne bloodbound slaugtherpriest




  1. This is amazing man!

  2. This is incredible. Definitely going to copy this!

  3. what else have you used to paint the metal parts?. Is there any chance you could create a youtube video on how to paint the models ?

  4. These are great, bloodstoker is fantastic, would love to see a video

  5. Wow! I just got into the game and was looking up paint schemes. I don’t think I could do this justice or even triplicate it in a mediocre way but I love the scheme! Was there a video ever made for this?

    • warpainter40k

      No video unfortunately

      • Ah bummer. I am a newb looking for tips but I really want to learn how to do this. I guess I will troll around the youtube videos and see if I can find something as cool but it will be hard to do. Thanks for the response.

  6. HOLY!!! This is the best paint job on the worshipers of Khorne I’ve ever seen. Teach me oh master!

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