Age of Sigmar – Noble Flesh Eater Courts

The new Flesh Eater Courts lore is a nice read, turns out these guys are not undead per se, but rather cannibalistic madmen who see themselves as noble knights in shining armour. After this years amazing Armies on Parade and all the cool conversions people have made I got inspired to make a Flesh Eater Courts army “as they see themselves”. The obvious route would be to just make a bretonnian lookalike army. But I still want a bit of undead touch. Here is the first tester model, it is a mix of Empire Greatswords and State Troops, complete with a Ghoul head:

noble flesh eater courts test ghoul

The recipe is:


  1. Base Ushabti bone
  2. Wash with Agrax earthshade
  3. Wash with Nuln oil
  4. Highlight with Ushabti bone

Purple cloth:

  1. Base Xerus purple
  2. Wash with nuln oil
  3. Highlight with 50/50 Xerus purple, evil sunz scarlet
  4. Highlight with 50/50 Genestealer purple, evil sunz scarlet

Black cloth:

  1. Base 50/50 Abadon black, mechanicus standard grey
  2. Wash with nuln oil
  3. Highlight with mechanicus standard grey
  4. Highlight with dawnstone


  1. Base Gehennas gold
  2. Wash with Agrax earthshade
  3. Highlight with Auric armour gold


  1. Base Leadbelcher
  2. Wash with nuln oil
  3. Highlight with Ironbreaker
  4. Highlight with Runefang Steel


  1. Fill the eye socket with Nuln oil
  2. Add a small dot of Baharroth blue in the center

It turned out rather well, so here is a bunch more:

noble flesh eater courts ghouls

Next up are Crypt Horrors, these are based of Stormcast Eternals with greatsword arms and a lot of greenstuff:

noble flesh eater courts crypt horrors

They obviously need a leader (or a courtier), so here’s the Crypt Haunter Courtier. I wanted it to look similar to the Horrors but one level up so to speak. After some searching I based it on a Chaos Lord with some green stuff modifications:

noble flesh eater courts crypt haunter

Next unit is Crypt flayers, I wanted a bit of an angelic figure but with a ghoul touch. This is made with a Space Marine torse, dark eldar scourges wings, and legs from Tempestus Scions. And quite a bit of greenstuff:

noble flesh eater courts crypt flayer

The full unit:


These are the leaders of the Ghouls, called Crypt Ghasts, made from empire general and warrior priest with some weapon swaps and minor green stuff:

noble flesh eater courts crypt ghasts

Here is the first leader with his unit:


The court is now complete, here are the two additions:

The crypt infernal, based of an Emperors Champion with wings from astorath the grim:

noble flesh eater courts crypt infernal

The Varghulf, based of a LoTR troll and wings from a cockatrice:

noble flesh eater courts varghulf

We are getting close to the big guy, but first the second biggest one, a terrorgheist. I see this as a giant bat and thus we end up with something like this: A mix of cockatrice head, griffon body and deamon wings:

noble flesh eater courts terrorgheist

And the big guy himself, the noble king, made from a Carmine Dragon and rider from lietpold the black. Both from forgeworld:

noble abhorrant ghoul king on zombie dragon

Adding more Ghouls to the army, now I’m at 40, the goal is two units of 30 for a total of 60.

The 10 made now are empire greatswords, 10 are empire state troops, 10 are greatsword bodies with state troop weapons, 10 are state troop bodies with greatsword weapons. And the remaining 20 will be empire milita.

greatsword ghouls flesh eater courts

So after about a year the full army is complete:


Next step is the display board, and the plan for this is to make a castle, for the full process (and more photos) see this post.

The completed castle and display board:



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