Age of Sigmar – Seraphon

This page will be about the Lizardmen/Seraphon army that I’m making for a friend.

This is the first tester for the army, a fairly standard paint scheme based on green, blue and red

lizardmen seraphon tester saurus knight

First completed unit, 5 of the above saurus knights.

lizardmen seraphon saurus knights

If you want to know how I made the bases, have a look at this tutorial

For the rest I follow this recipe:

Cold One (Small mount):

  1. Spray with Caliban Green
  2. Wash with nuln oil
  3. Highlight and drybrush with warpstone glow
  4. Highlight and drybrush with warboss green
  5. Highlight and drybrush with skarsnik green


  1. Spray with Mephiston red
  2. Wash with nuln oil
  3. Highlight with evil suns scarlet
  4. Highlight with wild rider red

Carnosaur (Large Mount):

  1. Do the same as for the shield
  2. Highlight with troll slayer orange
  3. Paint the spikes on the back Mechanicus standard grey
  4. Wash the gray with Nuln oil
  5. Hightlight with Dawnstone
  6. Hightlight with Administratum grey
  7. Tiny higlights with  skullwhite on the tip of each spike


  1. Spray Macragge blue
  2. Wash with Drakenhof nightshade
  3. Highlight and drybrush with Alaitoc blue
  4. Highlight and drybrush with Lothern blue
  5. Highlight and drybrush with Lothern blue mixed with white


  1. Base wiht Gehenna’s gold
  2. Wash with Agrax Earthshade
  3. Highlight with Auric Armour gold
  4. Tiny highlights with mithril silver

Oldblood on Carnosaur:

oldblood carnosaur swamp base

Next up is the Saurus warriors from the same Getting Started kit as the others:

lizardmen seraphon saurus warriors

The army will be part of this years Armies on Parade in my town, with this simple setup:

armies on parade seraphon

Click here for a larger photo

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