The Fang Gothenburg 2016 – Photos

So, today was the competition, I did not win anything as I expected ;-)

I did however bring my camera and took some photos of most of the entries, this is straight from the glass cabinet, through the glass, so all the angles are not optimal. The lighting was quite good tough :-) I did not manage to get photos of all the entries, but I got quite a few of them… (If you want to see my entries look here)

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The Fang Gothenburg 2016 – my entries

This weekend by local Games Workshop store will hold a painting competition called “The Fang”, I’ve never entered anything like that before but this time I thought it would be fun to try.

Some of the other entries that were submitted before me were incredible so I don’t think I have that big a chance to win. But its still fun :-)

These are my entries:

the fang gothenburg 2016 entries
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Thin your paints!

Just a reminder to thin your paints and a tip for how to do it:

thin your paints with wet palette

This is a homemade wet palette made from a lid, a thick wiping cloth and some regular greaseproof paper. Soak the cloth in water, and fill the lid. Place the paper over the cloth and put your paint on the paper. That way the paint will keep from drying much longer, if you want it to be even more diluted you can poke some holes in the paper with a needle.

I usually mix the paint 50/50 with water.