Dark Eldar army

My dark eldar army were started right after the new dark eldar were released, just because I thought the look of them was soo cool. However, I quickly ran into trouble with choosing a design or color scheme for the army.

I wanted them to be really dark, to have a really evil look, and my initial ideas was to have them almost black. But my painting skills made black look just unpainted when I tried that. I then tried silver + blue wash + light blue highlights. This looked “ok” and I left it at that. But after painting five of them the rest of the models got left in a box, it did just not excite me enough to keep going. You can see the blue/silver design to the left.

After more than I year I decided to give it another attempt. A fiend of mine did some nice painting with the dry brushing technique so I resolved to try that myself. I liked the light blue so I went with that, I picked red highlights to get as high contrast as possible with the main color. This turned out to be a really quick method which suited me perfectly. My photo-skills had also improved a bit since the last attempt so here’s a non-potato picture of the new design for the dark eldar:

dark eldar warrior

The colors used were:
Drybrush: ice blue
Weapon: boltgun metal
Wyes: scorpion green
Basw: goblin green
Highlights: blood red mixed with blazing orange

This was the fate of the old soldiers, a long bath in green soap followed by a scrubbing with a toothbrush.


Here is a photo of the whole squad:
dark eldar warriors

After that it was time for some elites, more specifically incubi and wracks. They are painted with the same drybrush technique

dark eldar incubi

dark eldar wracks2


dark eldar reavers

I also made a Raider, I converted it a bit to make it look a bit leaner and different from a ravager:

dark eldar raider

Next unit was is also a transport, this time a venom. Its built the same way to be able to field one unit representing the unit being transported:

dark eldar venom

At this time a friend of mine wanted to sell one of his unpainted raider as well as three ravagers, I got them fairly cheap. The raider was modeled the same way as the last one, and the ravagers was done the standard way:

dark eldar ravager

For the leaders I wanted to experiment with OSL or “object source lighting”, visually I imagined an Archon for my Incubi and a Haemonculus for my Wracks. Here they are:

dark eldar leaders archon haemonculus

Here is a shot of the full army at the moment:

dark eldar army



  1. Ohoy – I really love that colour scheme. I love it so much, that I stole it and am now using it for my own DE :)

  2. So did you base them black, or still case coat boltgun metal?

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