Dwarfs army

My dwarf army was mostly an experiment in speed painting. Like many others we bought the Battle for skull pass for the rulebook, the orks/goblins were given to an ork-loving friend and the dwarfs were forgotten for a while. But then I decided to paint the dwarfs to use as an “guest army” if we ever were to play.

I wanted to paint these as fast as possible and since I had just heard of washes my speed-painting technique built heavily upon those. The technique is basically to paint blue, brown, gold, metal, face and a random color for beard and then cover the whole model in black wash. Then fix up minor details. I think they turned out really good!


dwarf warriors


dwarf thunderers


dwarf miners

The leader or “Thane”

dwarf thane


dwarf cannon

And the crazy dragonslayer

dwarf dragon slayer

The whole army:

dwarf army


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