Emperors children army

I started this army to be a test of the skills I have learned during my years of painting. I have experimented multiple times with different types of speedpainting, that is, trying to paint as quickly as possible to an acceptable level.

This however is to be a masterpiece (well at least by my standards) and I’m going to try and achieve as high a level of quality as possible. I have always liked the concept of the pre-heresy emperors children and they feel like the type of army that can benefit from detailed paining. My first step was to paint a test figure to test the colors, the figure is a normal space marine with the Emperors Children head from forgeworld.

I intend to paint these primarily as pre-heresy emperors children.

emperors children test

My recipe for the purple armor is:

1. paint all purple areas with xerus purple
2. wash with druschi purple
3. repaint everything with 50/50 xerus purple,genesteler purple, except the lower areas that should remain dark
4. highlight edges with 50/50 xerus purple/emperors children
5. mix 50/50 of colors from step 3,4 and blend in the borders from step 4
6. thin final highlights with 3 parts emperors children, 1 part xerus purple

1. cover all gold areas rhinox hide
2. Paint over with Mournfang brown except deepest crevasses
3. higlight with Balor brown
4. highlight with Zamesi desert + flashgitz yellow
5. highlight with 50/50 Skull white and above mix
5. highlight with skull white + touch of above

I felt that this worked out fine and after finishing up the model was up for something really cool looking, the CC terminator! I used the body from the forgeword terminator but I wanted the model to be a proper playable 40k army so I got the lightning claws from the regular terminator kit:

emperors children lightning claws terminators

And the same thing for the thunderhammers:

emperors children terminator with thunderhammer

Something big, a contemptor dreadnought:

emperors children contemptor

The first tactical squad is starting to take form:

emperors children tactical squad

The complete squad together with their comrades:

emperors children warband

Next up Assault Marines, built from the leftovers of the Terminators, special torso from the Tactical and the regular Assault Marine kit:

emperors children assault marine

The next update for the Emperors Children are more Terminators with thunder hammers, soon all five will be complete.

emperors children thunderhammer and stormshield

The whole gang is complete, 5 of each type:

display base terminators

First 5 of the Betrayal at calth Terminators painted as Emperors Children are now done, the plan is to make a full unit of 10:

calth Cataphractii terminators emperors children

When waiting for more Calth models I finished the Assault Marines, complete with a display base:

emperors children assault marines

As well as a Rhino transport for the Tactical Marines, it is the standard Rhino kit with the addition of forgeworld doors. I had some problems getting the front door/hatch to look good, but I guess this will have to do for now:

emperors children rhino

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