Grey knights army

When I first saw the plastic Grey knight I knew I had to paint some, unfortunatly the first ones I saw was the Terminators, and thus I got those. That was a misstake of course… Why? Because they look so cool!

After painting the terminators:

grey knights terminators


Painting the normal strike squad knight was not as exciting, and yeah, I think it shows on the quality of the painting:

grey knight strike squad

Both the terminators and the strike squad are more or less just boltgun metal with mithrill silver highlights. I will probably paint more strike squads in the future and then I’ll try to make them cleaner. I might even go back and adjust this one.

After painting the terminators and the strike squad I felt that I needed a leader, and it just happened that I had just seen the librarian from the space hulk game, so I decided to hunt down one on ebay and turn him into a grey knight:

grey knights librarian

That mean removing some iconography and replacing the axe and bolter with halberd and stormbolter. It is painted the same way as the others.

Next up was a dreadnought, after painting the first one I acquired two more from the AoBR-kit, so three in total:

grey knights dreadnoughts

Here the barrels have been drilled, it is my plan to do that for the rest of the troops as well when I get the time.

This is the full “army” at the moment.

grey knights army

Click here for a larger photo

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