High elves army

High eleves was the first warhammer I ever painted back in the early 90s (in those days I painted with oil based colors), unfortunately almost nothing of that army remains. But it was also the first army I started with when I took another try at it as an “adult”. However, this was still 10 years ago so this was before I had heard about washes or drybrushing or anything remotely advanced. My first attempt was a unit of spearmen. Every now and then I get the urge to repaint them but so far I have resisted. Here they are:

high elves spearmen

Next up were archers, unfortunately to the same level of quality. There were something called inks before washes, not even remotely as good though… Well I attempted to use that on the hair on the archers so at least I was trying. But the eyes… ohh the eyes….

high elves archers

Third unit, Silver helms! Here a friend had told me about dry brushing which I tried on the horses, I also paid a lot more attention to the details on the actual soldiers, and I think it shows! There’s even highlights on the green. This was before I gave a damn about mold lines though…

high elves silver helms

After that I wanted to paint something that I really though looked cool, the swordmasters, I still think these are pretty nice, they would be better with some highlights but to be done without washes I think I did a pretty good job with the armor. The leader is a High elf hero with the shield removed, the banner is some hack I did with leftover swords. All of these are the old metal ones.

high elves swordmasters

The “elites” felt nicer so I wanted to continue on those, I had to chose between white lions or phoenix guard. When I saw the Korhil model I quickly decided for the lions. Unfortunately I think the rest of the soldiers look a bit silly and the poses are not the best but it is still a nice looking unit. Still not to much highlights though.

high elves white lions

Around this time I decided that my army needed a leader, so I got the “prince and noble”-kit. In retrospect I think I might have gone over the top with the guy on the horse, but I really like the banner!

high elves prince and noble

I liked to paint fewer more different models for a while so next I got the magicians kit, I did not like the horse riding magician at all, so the painting on that one was a quickie just to get it done. The other one however turned out pretty well, especially the experimental “blending” on the gray robe. I wish I had figured out something better with the hair and face though…

high elves mages

Continuing on with the green highlights, next up was Dragon Princes. It must be sad to be one of the guys that did not get an actual dragon to ride. But anyway, a bit different style on this one, lots of highlights and some freehand painting on the shield. I think these are really good. Probably the best unit in this army so far:

high elves dragon princes

And then, the big guy, the real dragon!

high elves dragon

This was my first attempt at highlighting with multiple colors, this was hard work, but it paid of, this is still one of the models I’m most pleased with (the dragon, not so much the rider).

high- elve dragon-2

I realized that I needed some more firepower so I got a bolt thrower, the idea was to make more, but there is only one at the moment;

high elves bolt thrower

I also decided that I needed another magician, so I gathered some spare parts and made this, I’m rather pleased with the freehand in the book:

high elves magican with book and phoenix

After this the Elves were left to themselves for a while and I worked on some other projects. But during a cleanup of one of the bitboxes I realized that I had a full but unpainted unit of phoenix guards, so I tried to paint them up in the same style as the rest of them:

high elves phoenix guard

Here is a photo of the full army at the time:

high elves army

Click here for a larger photo

I do have a Island of Blood kit hidden away that awaits painting so this army will be expanded sooner or later.

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