Imperial guard army

When it come to imperial guard the first thing to figure out was how to paint them in such a way that it was possible to paint lots and lots of them (a few hundred or so?). Here is the first test-model I did, it is a fairly standard guard-look, keeping true to the ww2 influences that gives this army their classic iconic look.


The painting was done with the following:

Paint all cloth with elysian green, do this with thin paint in at least 2 layers, then wash with agrax earhshade ,and finally some highlight with more elysian green

Armour and gun:
Paint all armour with castellan green, same method as the cloth, then wash with thraka green and some thin highlights with more castellan green.

Metal parts:
Leadbelcher with a badab black wash.

Elfflesh with a wash of ogryn flesh.

Skull white with badab black wash, then highlight with white again.

This is the weakest part, for now its just white and black, I’ve gotten the tip to use a thin pen for the pupil but I have not yet tried that.

All the details will not be perfect but the method that is working best for me is to paint 4-5 troopers at the same time, and to do one part on all of them, that is, first cloth on all of them, then armour and so on. There is a certain charm in a completed squad :-)


Nest step should be more of the same, more guardsmen, but I wanted to paint something different so I painted a heavy weapons team. It is painted with the exact same technique as the rest of the troops.

imperial guard heavy weapon

It was fairly quick to paint so I did a few more, my idea was to have three in each unit and two units to start with, so six in total:

imperial guard heavy weapons

Next step was more guardsmen, and then leaders for them, resulting in a “full unit” as follows:

2 x 9 guardsmen with 1 grenade launcher + 1 Sergeant
1 x 4 guardsmen with flame throwers + 1 platoon commander
3 x heavy weapons team with autocannon

imperial guard unit

Next up is the leaders of the whole army, the company command squad. I went with a squad of 3 with sniper rifles, (the idea is that they should be able to maximize the usage of these weapons due to their extra balistic skill), a trooper with a regimental standard and finaly a Master of Ordanance. I’m fairly happy with these, except for the Company Commander, I will have to make a new one that looks more like a leader.

imperial guard company command squad

After should have been time to paint more troopers to make up the next unit, but a friend of mine gave me a chimera so I descided that my troopers needed one of these for each unit.

imperial guard chimera

Painting vehicles was fun so after that I got a sentinel, the armoured ones looked so cool that it was impossible for me not to make that variety. This painting scheme makes them really easy to paint, I’m still following more or less exactly the same as for the standard troopers.

imperial guard sentinel

In order to make it a unit I painted two more:

imperial guard sentinels

After that it was finally time for more troopers, and it is still the eyes that trouble me the most. I have a feeling I will have to go back and re-do a whole bunch of them later… Here are three of them that turned out ok:

imperial guard 3 ok

This was just when the Tempestus Scions were released and while I did not like the way GW painted them the least I imagined that they would look stunning if just painted the same way as normal troopers, here is the test-model next to his less armored battle battle:

tempestus scion

And here is a full kit of 5 painted. There will be 5 more to make a full unit, 2 of them will have melta guns.

tempestus scions

Time for a full army shot:

imperial guard army small

click here for a larger photo

what is next? A new commander, and then I think we need some tanks!!

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  1. your site is cool, whilst it may be not golden demon standard its proper gaming standard, and I respect that, I have recently started grey knights, and am looking to apocalypse (cant spell) the force. nice work on this, it is both inspiring and a good way to avoid housework on a day off :)

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