Magnetized Swamp Display Board

This tutorial will describe how I made my Swamp Elves Display board, first of all a photo of the result:


The base is a styrofoam block, cut with a knife to make a river, puddles and some hills:


This is covered in wall filler:


Once dry, use a knife or anything metal really to scrape and shape the wall filler and remove a but of the “cake” look. Some sand is added with pvc glue:


And some crackling paint. The river and puddles are filled up with pvc glue as a base for the coming river:


Some cut up “Field Grass” from Woodland Scenics are also added with pvc glue:


A 3d printed castle ruin and bridge are added, this photo is also a test photo with units to test available space:


Sprayed with Black, Green and Gray, I use the sprays from Games Workshop:


Biel-tan green wash on the ground and black wash on the rocks and road. I also drybrush the rocks with a few different greys and tiny amounts of white:


Agrax Earthshade wash is added everywhere. The puddles are filled with Vallejo Still Water mixed with Biel-tan green and Agrax Earthshade wash. Before pouring, make sure that the ground is sealed, fill up any remaining cracks with pvc glue.


The waterfall is built up with a Vallejo Water Texture over a fixture of some plastic strips. This is also mixed with Biel-tan green and Agrax Earthshade wash:


The river is also filled up in the same way as the puddles. Make sure the Waterfall is solid enough to act as a barrier on the top section. The edges of the board are sealed with plasticard and pvc glue. The river will need to be done in a few layers that are dried in between. I don’t worry about making it perfectly flat, I will use another material for this on the final layer. I also add the arms for my swamp monster, the head will be added a few layers up.


Test photo with units and trees. (A separate guide for the wire trees will be written later)


Close up of the swamp monster, this also shows the final layer of the river. This is done with an epoxy resin. I use the brand Crystal Resin from Pebeo. The result of this is a perfectly flat river. I don’t add any colour to this since it reacts badly to anything water based.


Full board shot with flat river (As you can see the waterfall is not completely dry, the water texture can take days, even weeks to dry if you add it too thick):


Next up is to add some ripples around the monster, I use the same water texture as before, but this is unpainted and will dry transparent. I add it in circles and try to drag it outwards while I add it:


Same thing before and after the waterfall, but here I add it on the whole river, I try to get a wavy texture:


After the waves around the monster is dry I add some small texture between the waves, as well as building up the waves a bit taller:


Finally a third layer around the monster, but this time with small amounts of white paint added to the texture:


And same thing on the waterfall:


Lastly I add some small ripples on the sides of the bridge. Here I only do one layer with mixed in white:


That is all for the actual board. The next step is ofc to add the units, I found that the bases distracted me too much so I decided to replace them with magnets. Every unit has magnets in their feet as well as magnets in the board on the correct places. The old bases are also magnetized so that the army can still be played with :-)

I bought a variety of magnets from Guys Magnets/. 1mm, 2mm, 3mm and 4mm all of them Neodymium in the strength N52 (These are the strongest available) Use as large as you can get away with on each model. I tend to use one step larger on the board/base than on the model.

So here are some photos of the army added to the board:

Full army:


Eternal guard:


Wild Riders + Sisters of the Thorn






Kurnoth Hunters with swords:




War dancers:




Kurnoth Hunters with bows:




Tree lord:


Glade guard:


That is all! Hope you enjoyed!

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