Movement trays / Display base for round bases

Since I have received some questions on how I made my display bases / movement trays for my Emperor’s Children I decided to write up a small tutorial.

the fang gothenburg 2016 entry emperors children terminators

Step one is to find a nice wood plaque to start with, I got mine at a store called Panduro, but you can probably find them in any crafts store.

wood plaque

Place the models on the plaque and mark the placement of each of them

warhammer 40k movement tray placement

Something like this:

warhammer 40k movement tray

For the next step you need a large drill, there are two kinds you can use, but I prefer the top one, its called a “forstner bit” so I’d recommend that. Get a drill that has a diameter a few millimeters larger then the bases, so 42 or 44 for the terminators.

warhammer 40k movement tray drills

Drill so that the holes are as deep as the bases are tall, something like this:

warhammer 40k movement tray

All done:

warhammer 40k movement tray

Now just do what you would normaly do to a base, in my case I cover them in pvc glue, and add sand, spray paint black, dry brush that and finally add some grass.

emperors children assault marines

For weirdly shaped bases or huge bases (larger than you can find a drill) just make many holes. It does not matter that much if it gets uneven since the model will be there anyway.

warhammer 40k movement tray

The result of that:

the fang gothenburg 2016 entry Khorgorath Bloodstoker

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