Orks army

My adventure with the green horde started the same way as I assume it did for many others. A friend and I bought the Assault on Black Reach starting set. He was very much into Space Marines in general and ultramarines in particular so I graciously accepted the Orks. This was my first 40k army and I quickly started to like the orks.

My strategy for painting them was to paint every separate color (skin, clothes, teeth, weapons) and then cover it all in badab black wash. I later got back to them and added a highlight of all the green. The weapons also got a drybrush layer of bronze, as well as some details here and there that got a bright yellow layer. The full recipe for the base colors was as follows:

Skin – Snot green
Cloth – Codex grey
Teeth and bone – Bleached bone
Leather – bestial brown
Weapons – Boltgun metal
Metal details – shining gold
Eyes – blood red
Details – Sunburst Yellow

Here is an example of a regular Ork:

space ork boy

From the Assault on Black Reach set here are the different units (and yes, I’m aware that there are some mold lines…):


space ork boys


space ork nobz


space ork warboss


space ork deffkoptas

After those I saw the smaller orks, the grots, and I decided to paint a bunch of those. I went with a slightly lighter green on these, but other than that it is the exact same recepie.


Once those were done I was planning to do lootas, but the friendly guy in the GW store recommended me to also get a box of regular ork boyz so that I could make both the lootas and the burnaz at a lower price. At first I did not like the burnas at all but once I stared gluing them together they started to grow on me, I actually did the burnas before I did the lootas.

space ork burnas

But of cource I did the lootas as well:

space ork lootas

I felt like the units was lacking something to look really cool so I made 4 more of each to make them look more massive, I think it did the trick. As always with orks the solution to any problems are more orks. Here are the reinforced burnaz and lootas respectively:

space ork burnas 8

space ork lootas 8

So, time to bring out the big guns, its time for a Deffdread, this painting was a bit different, but basically boltgun with drybrushed bronze and then green wash on top of that.

ork deffdread

Same thing with the smaller cousins, the killa kans:

ork killa kans

Here is a photo of the current status of the full ork army:
space ork army small

Click here for a larger photo

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  1. dread is cool!

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