The Fang Gothenburg 2016 – my entries

This weekend by local Games Workshop store will hold a painting competition called “The Fang”, I’ve never entered anything like that before but this time I thought it would be fun to try.

Some of the other entries that were submitted before me were incredible so I don’t think I have that big a chance to win. But its still fun :-)

These are my entries:

the fang gothenburg 2016 entries
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Age of Sigmar – Khorne with OSL

The release of the Age of Sigmar-edition of Warhammer have been gotten mixed receptions, I remain carefully hopeful for now.  But one good thing with releases like this is new models. Last weekend me and a friend got the starter-kit, he grabbed the Sigmarines and I got left with Khorne.

At first I felt like I got the bad part of the deal but I decided to make the best of it and try something I have always wanted to try with chaos. Lots of fire and OSL (Object source lighting).

Here are my first painted model:

age of sigmar khorne blood warrior