The making of “Looted Daemon”

Since some of you were asking about some parts of my latest post, here is “The making of Looted Daemon”:

looted daemon ork Tuska the daemon killa

First of all I started with the Daemon Prince kit, first step is to file and/or cut away of any daemonic icons and such:


Here are a bunch of the completed ones:

daemon prince without icons

Next step is to gather up random ork-pieces that can be used, the head and shield is from the “Black Orcs”-kit, and the rest from some random ork-kit:

ork prices for daemon ork

Then start attaching ork-ish things instead of the chaos-icons you just removed. For example the arms:

looted daemon gun arm

looted daemon axe arm

So, the next thing is that I wanted to have some LED’s inside the head. This will of course require a drilled out head, as well as an actual LED. I want to power the LED with two 3 Volt batteries, so I’ll need to add some resistors as well. I’ll not bore you with the actual schematics :-)

LED and resistances

The torso is hollow so that part is easy, just drill a hole at the neck:

LED attatched to Daemon torso

The hard part is where to put the batteries. The most amount of space is in the base, but then you need to drill all the way through the legs… well… said and done! I use the hand drill from Games Workshop, some people will tell you that it is overpriced, but it does exactly what it is supposed to do so I’m happy with it! I had to drill three sections on each leg so there are some holes that will need to be fixed later.

drilled through daemon legs

The connections are soldered in the hollow torso, I add a plastic sheet in the middle to make sure that the ends do not touch each other by accident.

soldering in the daemon torso

And the front, I use the same plastic sheet to add some plates to the armor to make it look more “orky”

daemon ork front

Next step is to attach the head, arms and glue the torso together, no going back on the soldering so make sure it is working. At the same time I seal all holes and cavities with green stuff. Moment of truth! Does the LED work??

LED attatched on looted Daemon

Next step is to make a base. The regular base is not large enough to hold the batteries in a satisfactory way so I will build my own. I start with these wooden coasters bought at Panduro:

wooden coasters

Glue them together with regular wood glue (PVA glue) and let them set over night while applying pressure:

gluing coasters together

Drill holes with a forstner bit, I will use battery holders so that I don’t have to solder directly on the batteries, that way I can just remove a battery to switch off the light so I don’t need to add any off switch. Make smaller holes for the cables.

forstner bit

Glue some sand and rocks on the top of the base, and then attach the model. I decided to make some green-stuff boots for him to add some more ork-iness. I also added some skulls that ore not in this picture.

attached to base

The battery holders are soldered together and attached with some more green-stuff:

battery holders

That’s all the modelling… Time for painting. I start with spraying the whole model black with Chaos Black, remember to cover the eyes with something so you don’t destroy all the hard work!

looted daemon ork sprayed black

The first few steps of painting will look like crap, but bear with me! Note that I’ve got a mixture of old and new colors so if you can’t find one of the colors I mention just google them to find out what they are called now. (Or ask at your local games workshop store). Start with dry brushing leadbelcher (or boltgun metal):


Then drybrush with tin bitz (or any dark bronze) :

dry brush tin bitz

Then fill out the main colors, snot green, scorched brown, bestial brown, bleached bone, flash gitz yellow:

main colors

The next step is the magic one… cover everything in nuln oil wash, and some green wash on the metal:

add wash

You could leave it like this, but I wanted a cleaner look, so I go over all the main colors again and just leave the crevices dark:

looted daemon ork painted

Next is the base, and the plan for the base is Blood! For gork and mork I guess…? First paint it with some simple drybrushing, I used a few different shades of brown and bleached bone for the skulls. Then I use the color “Blood for the Blood God”, and I mix it with some “Still Water” from vallejo:

still water and blood for the blood god

Add a bunch of still water and just add a few drops of paint until it looks something like this:

blood and still water

Then just paint the base with this mixture, You will need to make multiple layers with one or a few hours drying time in between. This is layer number 3. It will look a bit cloudy but all that will disappear when it sets and it will be completely transparent (except for the red we added)


After it sets it looks like this:

blood set

Final touch is to add some blood splatters here and there with more “Blood for the blood god”, and then we are done! Thanks for reading :-)





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  1. I really like this model. You’ve done a fantastic job here and the liquid base is a sweet touch.


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